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And Man Asked Solemnly “Is There a God?”. The Machine answered “Honestly I don’t know, but my computing power resembles something like that subject”

Bureau Beerenkaeter adds New Brand to House ‘Monolith Arc High Performance Computing’. This makes the Monolith Arc HPC available to a broader range of applications. The High Performance Machine is developed to make scientific calculation, simulations and video transcoding to be performed in less time, the next step in affordable power computing!  ( … But keep honouring your coffee-maker, your life may depend on that! 😉 ed.)

Also Sprach Professor Beerenkaeter!

The Monolith Arc HPC – Also Sprach Professor Beerenkaeter!

*** STOP PRESS *** STOP PRESS *** STOP PRESS *** Exclusive Photos Bureau Beerenkaeter Extreme Super Clocked Rig

Leaked Exclusive Photographs Latest Extreme Super Clocked PC – 5048.05 Mhz and … Stable. Hell Freezes Over!


Bureau Beerenkaeter Extreme SuperClocked PC 5048.05 Mhz


Snapshot Extreme SuperClocked After Prime95 and Cinebench